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Lorcan O’Toole

Lorcan O’Toole describes himself as a Success Coach. He works on the basis that all circumstances in life are the result of choice. By making better choices we can all live better lives. His coaching motto is “Success is a Choice”.


Lorcan’s background includes over twenty years in the Information Technology business. He worked for a multinational computer company for several years before establishing his own business. His company grew from nothing to the number two position in its chosen market segment. In 2001 Lorcan established his coaching practice which initially operated under the name of iCoach Ireland, nefore becoming Persoal Best Coaching in 2005.


Lorcan’s background provides him with rich personal experience of the challenges and joys of developing a new business.


Anyone considering starting their own business or seeking to develop their business thinking will find Lorcan’s style incisive and direct. His style of coaching is best suited to individuals who are prepared to be challenged, want to achieve great success and are willing to embrace change. He is happy to address any aspect of the coaching spectrum.


“Success is a choice. Every moment of your life offers you choice. All the choices you have made so far have led you to where and where and what you are right now. Your circumstances tomorrow are moulded by the choices you make today. Make better choices and you will realise better results. Choose success.”


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